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News / The Importance of Concrete Slab Repair in East Texas

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Damaged concrete slab in need of foundation repair

Take a look around your home. Carefully examine your floors, walls, and ceilings. Open and close your windows, doors, even your cabinets.

Did you notice anything strange? Are your floors uneven? Are there tiles broken or spaced more widely than you remember? Maybe you spotted cracks in the sheetrock or bricks that make up your walls. Perhaps your doors are stuck, or your windows no longer open and close properly. And just how long has that cabinet door hung at that strange angle?

These may seem like the signs of some deranged poltergeist. But don’t worry, the culprit isn’t supernatural. In reality, the threat is far more easy to fix: a damaged concrete slab beneath your home.

Potential Problems Associated with Damaged Concrete Slabs

Your home’s concrete slab acts as a supporting structure for the whole house. Any amount of damage done to this vital system could lead to catastrophic problems, reducing your property value and causing headaches at every turn.

While it may be a simple solution to plaster over cracks in your walls and floors or rehang your doors, the true issue of a damaged concrete slab still exists under your feet. By ignoring your slab, you open your home up to the possibility of structural problems that will cost far more down the road.

As the clay soil beneath your Tyler or Longview area foundation expands and contracts with seasonal wet and dry cycles, your concrete slab may no longer be supported as it once was. This means the weight of your home above it puts incredible stress on the concrete that would otherwise have been mitigated by the earth below. Plumbing leaks and improper grading around your home can lead to soil washout, creating pockets of open air beneath your concrete slab that add stress to your home’s structure.

When these factors add up, you can risk an unlevel foundation, settling walls, and cracks in your ceiling. A foundation issue can easily become a whole-structure issue if it goes unchecked for too long.

Repairing Your Concrete Slab

Lone Star Foundation Repair’s time-tested, industry leading concrete slab repair solutions are suitable for virtually any slab repair project near Tyler or Longview. We are in the business of providing the highest quality foundation repair solutions to residential customers in East Texas at the most affordable prices.

By installing heavy duty helical piles underneath your settling foundation with minimal invasion, we can prevent further damage and ensure your home is on its sturdiest possible foundation. Don’t let your concrete slab settle, crack, or damage the stability of your home. Reach out to the foundation repair experts at Lone Star today to request a free professional estimate from our team. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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