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Support Jack Installation

Home Jacks Restore Sagging Floors to Level

Over time, a lot can affect a pier and beam home. Moisture, soil erosion, and even humidity can cause your floor to sag.

This happens for a variety of reasons. Sometimes the joists warp. Other times, your home’s piers may have sunk.

Home jacks provide a great way to temporarily or permanently relevel your pier & beam home.

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Types of Floor Jacks


Foundation repair companies often use temporary home jacks to help elevate and level the home prior to making more permanent repairs. Temporary floor jacks allow us to make precise measurements and implement a more long-term strategy.


In some instances, you may not need major foundation repairs. If a floor joist has warped and your home is no longer level, a permanent floor jack may be a great solution. These are an affordable option designed to withstand long-term use.

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Are Support Jacks Right for Your Foundation?

Support jacks are a great, cost-effective solution for pier & beam or crawlspace homes. They’re used predominantly for mild to moderate home leveling–especially when the cause is warped joists or other supports.

Permanent floor jacks may work with your home if you have serious erosion or drainage issues, though. They may form part of your treatment plan, but they will likely be part of a more in-depth repair.

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Why East Texans Choose Lone Star for Support Jack Installation

Experienced Team

We’re one of the only certified foundation repair specialists in East Texas, and our team included skilled and experienced technicians.

Comprehensive Inspections

We take our time looking over your foundation. We want to find the right solution for your problem–not the fastest or most expensive.

High-Quality Materials

We spend time sourcing the best materials we can find to ensure our repairs are effective and long-lasting.

Outstanding Client Service

We take a lot of pride in serving our clients. That means proactive, regular communication, meeting deadlines, and otherwise ensuring you’re satisfied with your repairs.

Post-Repair Support

We stand by our work, no matter what. If something should fail in the future, we’ll be there to help make it right.

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