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House Leveling

Does your home seem to have a slight slope? When you walk from one corner of a room to another, does it feel like you're traveling uphill? Maybe when you try to close your windows or doors, they stick or won't budge an inch. Or, perhaps you've started noticing cracks in your concrete slab, walls, tile, or ceilings.

Some homeowners have gotten used to these issues and think they're merely charming parts of their home that adds character. What they don't realize is that over time, the problems can get much, much worse and lead to very costly structural overhauls. All of these issues are common symptoms of a foundation settlement that requires house leveling.

Your best bet is to call Lone Star Foundation Repair. We have the house leveling tools at our disposal to raise your sloped floors back to their original height, and to stop the problem from getting any worse. Our skilled crewmembers will carefully adjust your structure until the job is done. Don't waste any more time – call Lone Star Foundation Repair today for a free assessment of your foundation repair needs

House Leveling East Texas