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House Leveling in Tyler, TX & East Texas

Does your home seem to have a slight slope? Have you ever watched a ball roll across your floor on its own? When you try to close your windows or doors, do they stick or refuse to budge? Or, have you noticed cracks in your walls, tile, or ceilings?

Some homeowners have gotten used to these issues and think they're merely charming parts of their homes that add character. They don't realize that over time, the problems can get much worse and lead to costly structural overhauls. These problems indicate it’s time to call a house leveling company in Tyler.

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House Leveling East Texas

House Leveling Contractors in Tyler, TX

These issues are common symptoms of a foundation settlement that requires house leveling services. Your best bet is to call Lone Star Foundation Repair. We have the house leveling tools and experience to raise your sloped floors back to their original height and prevent the problem from worsening. Our skilled crew members will carefully adjust your structure until we do the job correctly.

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Foundation Heave vs. Foundation Settlement

Most people can understand why their foundation may sink over the years, but many struggle to understand how it could rise as well.

Here's the difference between foundation heaving and settlement and the common cause of each.


Foundation heaving is when one side or section of your house's foundation rises above its previous level, leaving the home unlevel. The most common cause of foundation heaving is when moisture builds up in the soil and causes the ground to expand, lifting the home's foundation.

Moisture can get trapped in the soil for several reasons. For example, improper drainage may cause water to travel beneath your house rather than away from your home. If that happens, over time, your foundation will suffer. Don't wait until it is too late. Call Lone Star Foundation for house leveling near Tyler, TX.


Foundation settling is when one side or section of a home’s foundation sags or sinks. This is typically caused when the soil beneath your home shifts and moves. Foundation soil and preparation are essential to preventing settling.

Settling isn't usually a huge problem; however, too much settling may cause concern. If that happens, your foundation may sink. You need the right house-leveling company to get the job done. Contact Lone Star Foundation today.

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Common Signs That Your House Needs Leveling in East Texas

Uneven floors

Place one of your child's bouncy balls on the floor. If it rolls by itself, you may have a foundation problem. Other common signs of uneven floors are noisy floors, noticeable dips, and bowed sections.

Ground Cracks

If your patio or sidewalk is cracked or a portion of it is raised above the other sections, your foundation may need work.

Cracks in the foundation

You know that cracked stair-step pattern you see in the brick mortar of older homes? That's not character or charm. It's a foundation problem.

Stuck windows and doors

When you open your door or window, does it get stuck? This could be because the walls are uneven, which is often an important sign of foundation heave or settlement that you shouldn't ignore.

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Home Levelers in Tyler, TX

Leveling a home can feel overwhelming. At Lone Star Foundation, we take the time to ensure you understand what is going on with your home. We work hard to put your mind at ease. Leveling homes is our top priority so that your home is safe and fixed for good.

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Not every stuck window or sloped floor results from foundation repair. If you believe you have foundation problems, our foundation repair experts can inspect your home at no cost.

Lone Star Foundation Repair does house leveling in East Texas the right way. Call us today to learn more about our services.

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