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Foundation Repair Tyler, Texas & East Texas

Lone Star Foundation Repair is ready to tackle foundation work of any size home in Tyler, TX and East Texas. Because of the diversity of problems East Texas homeowners face, we offer several methods of foundation repair. Through our evaluation of your home and its foundation, we can help you best decide which type of structural repair fits your home’s needs.

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How Slab Foundation Repair in Tyler, TX Works

For concrete slab repair, we dig holes under and around the house’s foundation to insert heavy-duty support piers. This supports the home so that it is stable again.

After the foundation is repaired and secured, we will restore the landscaping to look like it did before we started. The cracks in your walls or along your brick will shrink significantly. Your home will be fully restored, and all the signs of foundation problems will be minimized or erased when we are finished.

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Your Choice of Piers

Concrete Pier

Most cost effective solution. 6000 psi concrete cylinders are driven to refusal. Backed by our Transferable Warranty

Combination Pier

Provides added depth of steel and the affordability of concrete. Backed by our Transferable Warranty.

Steel Pier

Provides the deepest and strongest protection. 2 7/8” steel pipe with sleeve lock technology is engineered to protect your home for a lifetime. Backed by our Lifetime Transferable Warranty.

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What causes foundation issues in Tyler, TX & East Texas?

Foundation repair in East Texas is typically required when the ground beneath your house shifts and changes over time. This is usually due to changes in the amount of moisture in the soil. This is especially a problem in East Texas, where the local red clay in the region can significantly affect houses in the area.

If the soil beneath one section of your home dries out, the ground may shrink, leaving that part of your house unsupported. On the other hand, if the soil beneath your house retains too much moisture without draining correctly, the ground may swell, pushing that section of your home up.

In both cases, your home's foundation is no longer evenly supported, which can cause some sections to sag down and cause cracks in the foundation.

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What are the dangers of foundation problems?

If left untreated, foundation problems in Tyler, TX and East Texas will get bigger and worse over time.

  • If cracks allow moisture inside the foundation, you may experience water damage.
  • Cracks lead to air escaping, which increases your utility bill
  • Cracks also break the proverbial airtight seal on your home, allowing pests to get in
  • All of these issues make your home difficult to sell and decrease its resale value
  • Most importantly, the worse foundation problems get, the more your family is put at risk

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Warning signs of foundation damage

Cracks in the brick

Does your brick grout have cracks in a zig-zag or stair-step pattern? This could be a sign of foundation problems.

Sticky doors

If your doors don’t open and close easily, it could be because your house is no longer level.

Large interior cracks and separations

If you notice large cracks where the wall seems to be separated from another wall or separated from the ceiling, you should get your foundation inspected.

Sagging or uneven floors

Have you noticed a dip in your floor? Do you hear squeaking when you walk over certain sections of your floor? This is a frequent symptom of foundation problems.

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Want to know if your home in the Tyler area needs foundation repair services? Contact us today to schedule a foundation inspection. We will tell you precisely what, if any, issues your home's foundation has and what it will take to fix it.

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