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Commercial Foundation Repairs for Tyler, TX

Protect Your Business From The Ground Up

The clues of foundation problems are easy to spot, like cracked tiles and grout or cracks in your walls and concrete. If you ignore these issues without having a professional foundation inspection, you could be looking at some unwelcome consequences.

  • Invasion of Mold & Mildew
  • Recurring Problems with Plumbing
  • A Decline in Property Value
  • Increased Utility Bills
  • Higher Repair Bills
  • Water Damage

At Lone Star Foundation Repair, we help you protect your investment. We are high-quality, dependable commercial foundation contractors. Contact us to ensure your problem is diagnosed correctly, and then we can move on with the repair process.

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Foundation Repair Services

Commercial Building Foundation Repair for Tyler, TX

Foundation Solutions For All Commercial Repair Projects

As a business owner, you protect your business at all costs, and you have to juggle many things. Sometimes, you need to call on professionals for expert help like commercial foundation repair services.

Honest Assessments

We provide in-depth and accurate quotes, so you know the cost of your repairs from the very beginning. We understand and repair all types of commercial foundation problems you might face, and we have the equipment needed to repair existing structures. Contact us for commercial foundation repair for Tyler, TX.

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High-Quality Work

Foundational damage can be a serious issue. We are an unparalleled commercial foundation contractor with the expertise to pinpoint your damage and correctly fix the problem. We get the job done efficiently and effectively with as little interruption to your business hours and services as possible.

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Attentive & Responsive

You deserve peace of mind. We understand you may have questions and concerns. We have experience with all aspects of foundation repair. We will communicate with you throughout the process with courteous, professional, and helpful customer service. You can feel confident in your choice to work with Lonestar Foundation Repair.

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Foundation Repair For Commercial Buildings

When you notice a leaking slab, sagging ceiling tiles, interior or exterior cracks, and regular plumbing issues, there is a good chance you could have foundation problems.


Contact us for a free foundation evaluation of your office complex, storage building, strip mall, restaurant, warehouse, or light industrial building.

Honest Quote

We will provide you with an accurate quote, explain how your foundation was damaged, and what we can do to fix it. Guaranteed— We'll never sell you services you don't need.

Safe & Meticulous Work Ethic

As fellow business owners, we know the importance of diligent and professional work. We deliver safe, reliable building support the first time so you can focus on what is most important— your business.

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Lone Star Foundation Repair

Built on honesty, clarity, and professionalism.

When you choose Lone Star Foundation Repair, you get a dedicated professional team that provides business owners with reliable, high-quality customer service.

We treat other business owners the way would like to be treated. That means you will only pay for what you need, and the job will be done right.

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We are a leading commercial foundation repair contractor in Tyler, TX. For quality service performed by someone who knows what they are doing, give Lone Star Foundation Repair a call for a competitive quote. 903-266-9119.

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