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Pad & Block Foundation Repairs

Additional Support Where Your Home Needs It

Pier and beam homes often sit on concrete support structures. These structures support your home’s joists.

They include a pad,a concrete foot that evenly spreads weight across a larger surface area, and a block–the pillar supporting your home’s joists.

Over time, water or erosion may damage these structures. If that happens, you’ll notice uneven, sloping, and “springy” floors.

Pad & block foundation repairs can help restore your home to level. If you think your need pad & block repair, contact Lone Star Foundation Repair to get a quote.

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Signs Your Pad & Block Need Repairs

While it’s possible that every single block & pad supporting your home need repair, it’s not very likely. Often, you only need to replace a few.

This means that your foundation problems–including unlevel floors, sticking doors & windows, and cracks in the wall–may be in only a small part of your home.

A lot can go wrong with the pad & block system, so it’s worth it to have your home’s foundation checked every year or so.

To schedule a foundation inspection, contact Lone Star Foundation Repair today.

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Our Pad & Block Repair Process


Lone Star Foundation Repair always performs a thorough inspection of your home. This allows us to find the best solution for your problem.


Our technicians develop a strategic plan to fix your home’s foundation. We’ll provide this plan so you understand exactly what we’re doing and why.


Lone Star Foundation Repair will find the right solution for your home, whether that’s replacing degraded supports or adding a few more.

Final Inspection

We perform a final inspection before calling a job done, and that inspection includes any worksite clean-up.

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Why Customers Choose Lone Star Foundation Repair

Certified Technicians

Lone Star Foundation Repair is one of the only certified foundation repair specialists in East Texas.

Comprehensive Inspections

We perform detailed, thorough inspections so that we’re able to find the right–not just the most expensive–solution.

Excellent Customer Service

We understand how worrying foundation problems can be. That’s why we’re here from the initial inspection and after the repairs. We want to help.

Post-Replacement Care

We’re committed to providing quality work. If you have any issues after our repairs, we’ll fix it–for free.

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Call Lone Star Foundation Repair to Schedule Your Inspection

If you’re wondering whether or not you need to repair your home’s foundation, stop. A foundation inspection can tell you what’s wrong or give you some peace of mind.

Contact us today to schedule your inspection.

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