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What to Expect Before, During, and After Foundation Repairs

Getting Ready for Your Foundation Repairs

Whether you have a slab or pier & beam home, foundation repairs are major. They require some element of preparation so that they go smoothly and don’t take longer than they should.

Here’s What Homeowners Need to Do to Prepare for Foundation Work

Bring Pets Inside or Board Them

Depending on the nature of your repairs, we may need to be in and out of your home and yards. This can make it dangerous for pets.

Please keep pets safely indoors or offsite while our crews are working.

Remove Valuables/Breakables from the Walls

Our crews will be lifting your home, this can shift valuables on shelves or screwed to the walls.

Remove valuables from the walls, including framed pictures. Store them safely somewhere.

Ensure Our Crews Can Access Your Home

Our crews will need to go inside and outside of your home. We’ll need access to the water lines, electrical system, and all electrical panels.

Check with your Lone Star Foundation Repair representative to see what times our crew will likely need to be inside.

Review Completed Work

After we’ve finished, we require our customers to review the work we’ve performed, including any foliage that we have replaced.

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What to Expect During Foundation Repairs

When we’re slated to perform your foundation repairs, our crews will arrive punctually and immediately get to work.

During that work, we may have to shut off the water, natural gas, and electricity going to your home. Depending on the nature of the repairs, we may also need to disconnect your HVAC compressor.

This can make being in the home unpleasant, and you’re welcome to leave us to work while you’re offsite.

Our crews will likely be under your home, replacing and adding piers. This means that foliage and vegetation close to your home will need to be transplanted for the duration of the work.

We strive to get this foliage back in its proper place when we’re finished, but the nature of moving plants means that there is a chance they do not survive.

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What to Expect After Your Foundation Repairs

Plumbing Repairs

In some cases, your plumbing may run underneath the house. This leaves the chance that your home may require some plumbing repairs.

Your Lone Star Foundation Repair representative will discuss the possibility of plumbing repairs to help you anticipate anything you may need to do before, during, or after your foundation repairs.

Cosmetic Repairs

Chances are, the original foundation damage left some cosmetic damage to your home–cracks on interior and exterior walls, doors that won’t open or close properly, and gaps between cabinets and the wall.

After your foundation repairs, these problems may improve or get worse. New cosmetic problems may emerge.

This is totally normal. It does not indicate that something is wrong with your home.

After 3 or 4 months, you can begin scheduling your cosmetic repairs.

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Prevention Plan

Your Lone Star Foundation Repair representative will go over any repairs necessary to safeguard your home from foundation damage in the future.

This will include improving drainage or ensuring your gutters are up to code. These repairs should be made as soon as possible.

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