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relax inside your home again

relax inside your home again

Foundation Repair in Tyler & Longview

"…my house is level now and feels solid." - Cindy B.

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"Do I actually need foundation repair?"

Start with a quick self-assessment.

Have you noticed any of the following problems with your home?

  • Cracks in the exterior brick or slab
  • Bouncing, sagging, or creaking floors
  • Cracks in the interior walls, ceiling, or tile
  • Wall pulling away from the house
  • Nails coming out of the drywall
  • Stuck or jammed doors and windows
  • Door/window frames separating from wall
  • Cabinets separating from walls

If you’ve noticed one of these symptoms, or another concerning problem, the next step is to request a quick phone call with one of our foundation experts.

We’ll ask a couple of questions about your house to see if you need a foundation evaluation.

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Foundation evaluations are always free.


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Accurate quotes require detailed inspections.

We Care About Your Home As Much As You Do

Foundation Repair in Tyler, Longview & East Texas

You deserve to relax inside your home.

You shouldn’t have to worry about the cracks in your walls getting bigger. The sagging floors falling through. Or the jammed windows and doors staying stuck forever.

Get help from a foundation repair team that cares about your home.

If you’re a homeowner in the Longview and Tyler area, Lone Star Foundation Repair can restore your home… and your peace of mind.

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As a locally owned foundation repair company in East Texas, we are your neighbors. And we believe good neighbors help you when you need it.

Whether your home is supported by a slab or piers and beams — whether you're on clay or sandy soils — the experts at Lone Star Foundation Repair will fortify your house. So you can relax inside your home again.

We’ve got the right tools, the qualified experts, and the happy customers to prove… we’re the only foundation repair solution you need.

Contact us today if you suspect your home or business needs foundation repair.

  • Foundation Repair

    East Texas homeowners face a wide range of threats to their foundation because of the red clay soil and bipolar weather in this area. That's why we offer several foundation repair methods throughout Tyler and Longview. Let us evaluate your foundation, so you feel well informed to make the best decision to protect your home and family.

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  • House Leveling

    Does your home seem to have a slight slope? When you try to close your windows or doors, do they get stuck or refuse to budge? Have you noticed cracks in the exterior and interior walls, or ceiling? Lone Star Foundation Repair can inspect your foundation, explain the problem, and help you understand the best way to fix it.

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  • Slab Repair

    Have you noticed uneven floors, broken tiles, cracks in sheetrock or brick, jammed doors, or other cosmetic and structural issues inside and outside your house? These are not typical for a healthy home and can indicate much larger problems to come. Peace of mind is just a phone call away. Request a free foundation inspection in the Tyler and Longview area today.

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  • Pier & Beam Repair

    Pier and beam homes are afflicted by many issues because of their wooden floor systems. Lone Star Foundation Repair experts are trained to recognize and correct problems unique to pier and beam homes. We'll provide you with an honest assessment of your home and, if needed, provide reliable foundation repair service.

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Get an estimate you can actually trust

We don’t just glance at the problem and quote a price. Our foundation inspectors in Tyler, Longview, and East Texas do comprehensive foundation evaluations.

If you have a pier and beam foundation…

We crawl all the way under your house to find the source of the problem.

If you have a slab foundation…

We take elevation readings throughout the house with a digital level called a ZipLevel.

We go beneath the surface to find any damage indicating a foundation problem. By the time we leave, you’ll have clarity about how to protect your house.

Request a foundation inspection

"Justin gave me a very fair and honest opinion regarding the foundation, saying he didn't find anything wrong at this time."

— Pamela B.

Frequently Asked Questions

No-Interest Financing And Other Questions Answered

How much do foundation inspections cost?

Foundation inspections are always free. So if you’re concerned about your home… and your budget, you don’t have to get out your wallet. Schedule an inspection, and we’ll let you know if you have any reason for concern.

Will foundation repair work destroy my landscape?

Our foundation repair team will protect your landscape throughout the project. However, because of the nature of foundation repair, you may lose a few plants.

Do you offer financing for home foundation repair?

Yes. You’ll find flexible and affordable financing options at Lone Star Foundation Repair, ranging from a 12-month no-interest option to a 84-month (7-year) low-interest payment plan.

How do you inspect my home’s foundation?

Our foundation inspection process depends on whether you have a pier and beam foundation or a concrete slab.

If you have a pier and beam foundation, we will crawl all the way under your house to find the source of the problem. We analyze the ground, floors, piers, and beams to get to the root of the problem.

If you have a slab foundation, there is no crawl space. So we take elevation readings throughout the house with a digital level to find the source.

In either case, you can be confident your foundation inspection report will be reliable.

What areas do you service?

We service the entire East Texas region, from east to west (Longview to Tyler to Canton) and north to south (Sulphur Springs to Nacogdoches), and everything in between.

Why does my home have foundation problems?

You can blame East Texas’ squishy red clay. The ground under your home shifts over time as the clay expands in the heat and contracts in the cold. The result? An unsteady foundation. The right tools can help reverse damage to your home’s foundation.

What type of foundation does my house have?

The two most common types of foundations in East Texas are concrete slabs and pier and beam. The difference is simple. If your home has a crawl space, it’s built on piers and beams. If it doesn’t, it’s a slab. Homes with basement foundations are less common in East Texas, and Lone Star does not work on them.

Do you fix concrete slab foundations?

Yes. Many of the homes we work on are built on a slab.

Do you fix pier and beam foundations?

Yes. We fix a wide range of pier and beam foundation issues. If you have sagging floors, stuck windows or doors, or cracked your walls, ceiling, or brick, give us a call.

How do I know if I need foundation repair?

House foundation problems often manifest in at least one of the following ways:

  • • Cracks in the exterior brick or slab
  • • Bouncing, sagging, or creaking floors
  • • Cracks in the interior walls, ceiling, or tile
  • • Wall pulling away from the house
  • • Nails coming out of the drywall
  • • Stuck or jammed doors and windows
  • • Door/window frames separating from wall
  • • Cabinets separating from walls

The best way to know for sure if your home has foundation issues is to schedule a free foundation inspection.

Featured on Fox 51

This is why your home has foundation problems

Our founder and owner, Daniel Roden, explains what causes foundation problems in East Texas, how to identify common signs, and what to do about it.

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"Cost much less than I expected..."

I read the reviews and checked the BBB and decided to call Daniel for an honest inspection and estimate. Daniel was out there the next day and had the work done before the week was out. The job cost much less than I expected, and Daniel gave me a transferable warranty. If you are worried about finding a honest foundation repair company to help you in your time of need then I highly recommend Daniel and Lone Star Foundation Repair.

-Tom Mortl 

"My house is level now and feels solid..."

Justin came out and took care of the bid on my house. He was very thorough and explained everything and answered all my question. Victor was the crew leader he and all the crew worked very hard and my house is level now and feels solid... I am very impressed with this company.

- Cindy Brooks

"Recommend without hesitation..."

I was given three references to call and every one of them held this company in the highest esteem... Daniel, the owner, attended to every detail from beginning to end. Mark and his crew worked almost without a break in searing heat for two days... I recommend without hesitation this company for your foundation repair needs.

- Lorin Mayo

"Saved me $6,000..."

Daniel was on time, professional, and courteous. He gave me the details on the slab settlement, what it meant for me, and what I should expect over time. He recommended preventative maintenance and said no work was needed at this time, thus saving me from a previous $6,000 estimate from another company.

- Conrad Reese

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