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Foundation Repair, House Leveling, Gilmer TX

At Lone Star Foundation repair, we are the premier foundation repair, pier and beam foundation repair, slab repair, and house leveling experts serving Gilmer, Texas. If you need foundation repair or house leveling in Gilmer because of a settling or sinking foundation, we are the full-service team you can count on.

East Texas residents already know the reason they likely need foundation repair in Gilmer: our clay soils and the havoc they wreak on slab foundations and pier and beam foundations everywhere. Because of the extreme changes clay soils go through season to season, your Gilmer home’s foundation may shift as much as 9 inches over the course of a year! That can lead to severe damage to your home’s foundation and eventually the rest of the structure.

Foundation Repair Services in Gilmer

Do I have Foundation Problems?

If you have noticed dips, cracks, domes, or moisture buildup in the floor and walls of your Gilmer, Texas home, you need to call the foundation repair and house leveling experts at Lone Star Foundation Repair. Our mission is to keep all the homes in East Texas on solid ground – so don’t waste any time.

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For more information on our Gilmer, Texas foundation repair, pier and beam foundation repair, house leveling, and slab repair services, contact Lone Star Foundation repair ASAP!

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Offering foundation repair in Gilmer, Gilmer house leveling, slab repair in Gilmer, Gilmer foundation leveling, and pier and beam services in Gilmer, Texas. If you're having foundation problems in the Gilmer area, contact Lone Star Foundation Repair.

How Much Does Foundation Repair Cost in the Gilmer Area?

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