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Pier & Beam Foundation Repair Tyler, TX & East Texas

In East Texas, the two most common two types of home foundations are pier and beam. A slab foundation is made of a solid concrete slab. A pier and beam house is supported by concrete or brick piers and wooden beams. If your home has a crawl space, it is likely a pier and beam foundation.

Pier and beam structures are afflicted by many issues as a result of their wooden floor systems. If your home is pier and beam, you most likely have a crawl space beneath your living space with footings to support your foundation.

Pier and beam foundations are often more stable in regions like Tyler, Longview, and East Texas that suffer from shifting soils. And fortunately, pier and beam foundation repairs are often easier than slab foundation repair as the area directly beneath the structure is more accessible. Even so, you need the experience and expertise of a foundation repair team who knows how to treat all structures with care and precision.

Lone Star Foundation Repair experts are trained in recognizing and correcting issues unique to pier and beam structures and can provide you with excellent foundation repair service. Call us today for your free quote on your pier and beam foundation leveling and repair needs!

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Signs of pier and beam foundation problems

Here are a few of the most common signs that you need pier and beam leveling or foundation repair:

Sagging floors

Do you ever hear a creak, a soft spot when you’re walking across your floor, or see a visible dip in the middle of your floor? The problem could be foundational. Your piers and beams may be sinking or damaged, causing problems to manifest in your floors.

Stuck or jammed doors and windows

If you’ve noticed your door getting stuck when you open or close it, you may have a foundation problem. Another sign of foundation damage is when a window gets jammed constantly for no apparent reason.

Cracks in walls, ceilings, and brick

If you notice long cracks in a stair-shape pattern in the brick motar, you should suspect foundation problems unless a professional tells you otherwise. Long cracks inside your home that extend from floor to ceiling is another sign.

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How we fix pier and beam foundations

Pier and beam foundations are typically the easiest type of foundations to fix. There are few ways to fix them:

Replace piers

If your brick or concrete block piers are cracked or sagging into the ground, we can replace them to strengthen the pier. We can also repair the soil beneath the house to make it more steady for the piers to set on.

Replace beams

If your beam has rot or water damage or needs to be replaced for some other reason, we can bolster your house one beam at a time.

Replace floor joists

We can replace your entire floor if need be, including floor joists and everything else.

Schedule a foundation inspection

Our pier and beam repair experts can come to your house and inspect your pier and beam foundation for free before we do any work. That way, you know for sure whether or not there is a foundation problem before beginning your project.

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