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Slab Repair

There are several issues that can lead to a damaged slab foundation.

One issue if you live in the Tyler or Longview area is that your structure's foundation is subject to seasonal wet and dry cycles. The clay soil expands and shrinks with these cycles, and can lead to soil shrinkage over time. Another issue is poor compaction of fill soil. Before your slab was laid, some of the soil layers may have compacted due to the weight of fill layers above alone. Once carrying the weight of the slab, they may have compacted further. Once this occurs, the slab is no longer supported properly and can crack and drop. Soil wash-out can also affect your slab, especially if a household plumbing leak develops and goes undetected over time.

Have you noticed uneven floors, broken tiles, cracks in sheetrock or brick, stuck doors, or a host of other issues both cosmetic and structural? These are not typical for a healthy home, and can be indicators of much larger problems to come.

Lone Star Foundation Repair brings residential home owners customized solutions for their slab damage issues, from maintenance plans to general foundation repair solutions. We ensure you the highest quality foundation repair for a price you can afford.

Slab Repair Longview Texas