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Foundation Leveling  in Tyler, TX

If your home or business is suffering from foundation damage, it could literally fall apart around you.

An uneven concrete slab foundation creates an unsteady home, which puts your family at risk and can cause the value of your house to plummet.

Lone Star Foundation Repair is committed to ensuring every home we service is repaired the right way the first time. We hire experienced foundation professionals and train them to treat your home like their own.

Every member of our team is well equipped to handle any foundation repair job in East Texas.

We know that no two homes or buildings are exactly alike. That's why we're dedicated to carefully investigating the problems affecting your structure to identify the best possible solutions.

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Foundation Leveling

The most common warning signs of foundation damage include:

Large cracks along your interior walls

These cracks may appear floor to ceiling in the middle of the wall. Or they may be along the corner of your walls, creating a slight separation between the walls. They may also appear in the corner of your wall and ceiling.

Cracks on the exterior of your home

These cracks often occur along the brick motor in a stair-shape or zig zag. They may also result in loose bricks that protrude from the wall. Cracked slabs are also common and may be horizontal, vertical, or a mixture of both.

Sloped, uneven, or domed flooring in any part of the structure

If you place a ball in the middle of the floor and it rolls on its own, you likely have a foundation problem. Other signs you may notice by looking at your floors are dips, domes, creaky sounds, and soft or weak spots.

Cracks around windows and door frames

Cracks can also appear between the frame and the wall in the corners of the door and window frames. Additionally, if your doors or windows get stuck, it could be caused by house foundation issues.

If you notice any of these symptoms, don't waste any time. It's time you found a foundation repair company you can trust to level your foundation and provide structure repairs where needed.

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From our customer service to our in-depth foundation inspections to our extensive knowledge and experience with home foundations, our customers trust us to get the job done right.

If you need slab repair, house leveling, or foundation leveling for your concrete slab or pier and beam foundation, we’ve got you covered.

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