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House Leveling and Foundation Repair in Tyler, TX

Lone Star Foundation Repair has been providing foundation repair services in Tyler since 2016. Foundation problems like cracks in a slab or pier and beam foundation can be devastating to your home or business and costly to fix.

That’s why the foundation repairs specialists at Lone Star Foundation Repair have dedicated themselves to providing honest, transparent, and high-quality house leveling and slab repair services in Tyler.

We’re a foundation repair company that is proud to help you understand the problem before we fix it, so you have some peace of mind when we’re finished.

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Foundation Repair Services in Tyler

The Truth About Foundations in East Texas

East Texas soil is hard on home foundations. The region’s red clay often proves unstable in temperature changes. When it’s hot and humid, the clay expands and takes up more space. When it’s cold and dry, the clay contracts by as much as 9 inches per year in Tyler and the surrounding areas.

This expanding and contracting of soil can wreak havoc on a home’s foundation in Tyler, leaving cracks in slabs, piers, beams, and everything else that keeps your home protected.

Every member of the Lone Star team has extensive experience working with the unique nature of foundation problems in Tyler. We know the soil and how to work with it to ensure your foundation repairs last.

If you’re concerned about your home’s foundation, contact us today to find out how we keep your home and family safe.

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Slab Concrete Foundation Repair in Tyler

Concrete slab foundations are perhaps the most common in Tyler. They’re sturdy and cost-effective. However, because of the nature of the East Texas soil, these foundations are prone to cracking as the ground moves between the summer and winter. Our foundation repair specialists offer slab leveling and slab repair in Tyler, TX.

Pier and Beam Foundation Repair in Tyler

If your house has a crawl space beneath it, it’s probably sitting atop a pier and beam foundation. Pier and beam foundations feature concrete or steel cylinders driven deep into the ground. In places like Tyler, pier and beam foundations are stable, but not invulnerable.

House Leveling in Tyler

Home leveling is closely related to foundation repair. If you notice doors or windows sticking shut or if your floor is beginning to slope gently, then you probably need a house leveling company. Lone Star Foundation Repair can help. We provide house leveling and foundation leveling services in Tyler.

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Do I Have a Foundation Problem?

While the best way to determine if you have any foundation cracks or other foundational problems is to hire a licensed foundation contractor to inspect your home, some key symptoms indicate your home may need foundation repair.

If your home has one of these symptoms, it doesn’t necessarily mean there’s danger. However, if you see multiple signs of foundation issues, you should probably contact a licensed foundation company near you to give your home a full inspection.

Diagonal Cracks On Walls

If you notice diagonal cracks in your walls, especially around door and window frames, then you should schedule an inspection. When your house shifts from a foundation problem, the stress on weaker areas — like doors — creates cracks as the bottom of the house pulls away from the roof and sides.

“Stair Step” Cracks in Brick

If you have a brick exterior and notice telltale diagonal “stair step” cracks in the grout, then you may have foundation problems. As the house settles into the foundation problem, bricks will pull away from each other, much like interior walls will.

Doors Aren’t Working Properly

When there’s a foundation problem, doors will frequently stop closing, opening, or latching. A home with foundation problems will have doors that behave oddly because the doorframe is no longer square. Of course, doors can do this for a lot of reasons. It’s best to check with a professional.

Exterior Trim Separating

If you notice your home’s exterior trim “pulling away” from sections of your house, you may have a foundation problem. When a house shifts substantially, the trim separates from the home because gravity is pulling the wall away.

Interior Trim/Fixtures Separating

Much like the exterior trim, interior trim, and fixtures — cabinets, built-in bookshelves, and chair rails — may pull away from the wall where the foundation is falling. If you notice fixtures pulling away from the wall, call a professional to take a look.

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Serving Tyler And Surrounding Areas

We provide Foundation Repair throughout East Texas. Our service area includes a 75 mile radius around Tyler.

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Daniel Roden, the owner and founder of Lone Star Foundation Repair, spent over a decade working for the largest foundation repair company in Texas. He’s gained the knowledge and skills to fix any foundation problem you face, and do so efficiently and inexpensively.

Whether you need slab foundation repair, concrete leveling, pier and beam repair, or slab leveling in Tyler, we can help. All of our work includes a transferable warranty, expert craftsmanship, and quality customer service.

Daniel and his team strive to provide customer-first solutions for foundation problems and work tirelessly to ensure your repairs are successful. If you believe you have a foundation problem, contact us for an inspection.

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