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Foundation Repair & House Leveling in Lindale, TX

Do the doors and windows in your home stick when you open and close them?

Have you noticed cracks, dips, domes, or soft spots in your floors?

Have you discovered cracks in your slab or pier and beam foundation?

Lone Star Foundation Repair is an expert foundation repair company in the Lindale, TX area. We give homeowners peace of mind by protecting their homes and families from the dangers of foundation problems.

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Foundation Repair Services in Lindale

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Foundation Problems in Lindale Are Common

Because of the unique soil composition in East Texas, the foundation under your Lindale home or business can change from season to season.

When Lindale and the surrounding areas experience heavy rain, the clay soil swells. Then, during the brutal East Texas summer, the soil dries out and shrinks. From year to year, the ground beneath your foundation can shift as much as 9 inches, which can put your home’s foundation through the wringer.

Occasionally, this results in slab foundation cracks and damage to piers and beams. You may notice cracks in a step pattern along your brick underpinning. Your doors and windows may stick when opening or closing them. These are all signs of a damaged foundation.

If you’ve noticed any of these signs, you need to call a professional foundation repair company in Lindale, TX. Lone Star Foundation Repair provides house leveling, foundation leveling, slab repair, and pier and beam repair in Lindale, Texas.

Call Lone Star today to schedule a free foundation inspection with a company you can trust.

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Pier And Beam House Leveling in Lindale, TX

If you’re not sure whether a pier and beam or a slab supports your house, it’s pretty easy to find out. If your home has a crawl space underneath, it likely rests on a pier and beam foundation.

From time to time, those piers and beams can crack, which can put your home and family at risk. Our pier and beam foundation repair service in Lindale will give you peace of mind and restore your home’s sturdy foundation.

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Concrete Slab Foundation Repair in Lindale, TX

Concrete foundations are more affordable and more common in East Texas than pier and beam house foundations. A concrete slab foundation is essentially one big block of concrete. Because it’s all one piece, slight shifts in the soil can put pressure on the slab and cause it to crack.

A crack in the slab puts your family at risk. It will also make selling your house in the future a challenge. You can set your family at ease and your home on a sturdy foundation again by calling Lone Star today.

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House Leveling In Lindale, TX

Common warning signs of foundation problems are doors and windows sticking when you try to open or close them. If you’ve noticed these issues, a house leveling contractor can inspect your home for free. Lone Star can do it the right way.

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5 Signs You Need Foundation Repairs

Diagonal Cracks Around Doors & Windows

When the soil shifts beneath the foundation and leaves it unsupported, the weakest parts of the house, such as the part of the wall surrounding a window or door, may start to crack. That’s why diagonal cracks above the corners of your doors and windows are signs of foundation problems.

Cracks in Exterior Brick Grout

If you walk the perimeter of your house and notice grout cracks in the foundation wall in a stair-shaped pattern, your foundation is calling for help. Minimizing or erasing these foundation problems is almost always possible. An expert inspector at Lone Star can tell you everything you need to know.

Doors Won’t Open Or Close

You should consider scheduling a free foundation inspection if your doors and windows stick when you open and close them. Your foundation may not be bearing the load evenly, putting pressure on some parts of your home.

Exterior Trim Pulling Away

Have you noticed the trim around the edges of your walls, windows, or doors separating from the wall? This could mean your home is no longer level, indicating a foundation issue. Call to schedule a free inspection.

Dips Or Domes In The Floor

You may notice one section of your floor seems to dip down or raise up, making the floor uneven. This is a common problem with pier and beam homes. One pier may have dropped, which means it no longer carries an even load. This puts pressure on your house and the other piers and beams.

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How Much Does Foundation Repair Cost in the Lindale Area?

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Daniel Roden founded Lone Star Foundation Repair in 2016. Before starting the company, Daniel worked as a project manager for 10 years for one of the largest Texas-based foundation repair companies in the state.

Daniel has built his company on honesty. Not all construction and foundation repair companies are upfront about pricing and the scope of work. But we are, even if it costs us the job. That’s why our customers trust us to repair their home foundations.

Call Lone Star today if you are concerned about your home’s foundation. Be sure to ask about our transferable lifetime warranty.

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