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House Leveling & Foundation Repair In Whitehouse, TX

When you begin to notice cracks in your walls or ceilings, or your doors aren’t closing as easily as they used to, the idea of leveling your foundation can be overwhelming.

However, it’s always best to call an expert as soon as you suspect foundation damage before…

  • The structural integrity of your home is compromised
  • You procrastinate until there is extensive damage
  • Mold or rodents take advantage of cracks to enter the home
  • The resale value of your home is affected

Protect your real estate investment with a call to Lone Star Foundation Repair. We are now scheduling foundation repairs and inspections in the Whitehouse area.

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Foundation Repair Services

Foundation Repair Contractors in Whitehouse

Lone Star Foundation repair is a local East Texas business, helping our neighbors restore peace of mind with expert and honest advice. We provide both concrete slab repair and pier and beam foundation repair, house leveling, and more.

When homeowners start to notice foundation problems, they are typically stressed about the repair process. At Lone Star Foundation Repair, we guarantee transparent, free inspections. We never recommend a product or service you don’t absolutely need, and the price we quote is the price you’ll pay.

Build Your East Texas Home on a Firm Foundation

East Texas is prone to drought-like conditions in the summer, cold snaps in the winter, and flooding during storms. All of these weather patterns can take a toll on your home and create foundation issues.

High temperatures and drought can cause the clay soil in East Texas to shrink as the water evaporates, creating gaps between the ground and your wood beams or concrete. Gravity will cause your home to sink into the gaps creating cracks and unlevel wear.

Low temperatures can make the soil freeze, locking your foundation in place and pushing it upward. The cold is often accompanied by rain, snow, and ice which can cause structural damage.

Significant rain or flooding can mean forceful, fast-moving water putting pressure on your foundation, or if you have existing cracks, water can seep in to widen those fissures. Pier and beam homes may be at risk of wood rot as well.

Be sure you have a firm foundation. Contact Lone Star Foundation Repair for a free estimate today.

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Foundation Repair Service Experts Near Whitehouse

Your home’s foundation is unique, depending on the type of foundation and the soil conditions on which it’s built. Our expert contractors are trained to repair both concrete and pier and beam foundations.

Pier And Beam House Leveling in Whitehouse, TX

Pier and beam homes generally have a crawl space beneath the home. That makes it easy for moisture to create mold and mildew, and decay the beams below. There is also a concrete cylinder piece that can crack over time.

As your home settles over the years, you may notice sagging or uneven spots in your flooring. This is a clear indication that something is wrong with your foundation.

Beam foundation repair costs can vary depending on the type of repairs needed. Contact Lone Star Foundation for a free and transparent quote on your repair project.

Concrete Slab Foundation Repair in Whitehouse

Concrete installers pour slab foundations right on the soil, which will cause cracking over time as the ground shifts. Concrete contractors have access to tools and materials that allow the foundation to reach down past the frost line. It’s always best to hire a professional for a project of this size.

With proper care, regular maintenance, and routine concrete slab leveling services, your foundation could last for decades without any signs of damage!

House Leveling In Whitehouse

Cracks in the walls, uneven floor joists, doors and windows that won’t close, and slow drainage are all signs that your house may need leveling.

This usually happens when the ground beneath your home has permanently shifted and now the home is sloped or uneven. We can restore your home to its original positioning with our home leveling services.

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4 Ways to Keep Water From Your Pier & Beam Foundation


Ensure that all drainage solutions and gutters are flowing away from the foundation.


Avoid planting anything within 2 feet of your home’s foundation. Vegetation will retain water, and consistent water near the wooden beams can lead to wood rot.

Root Barriers

This is a method of preventing roots of any kind from growing under your home. You can use chemicals to treat the soil, or objects like metal sheets, solid objects, or plastic.

Moisture Barriers

Consider installing vertical layers of plastic in the ground that can prevent water from reaching the piers.

Foundation Watering

Keeping the soil moist without creating standing water will help the ground not to shrink in dry months. You can install sprinklers about 5 feet from the home to keep the crawl space dry and mildew-free while also preventing the ground from shrinking.

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Professional Foundation Service in Whitehouse

For advice specific to your home, contact Lone Star Foundation Repair for a free inspection near Whitehouse, Texas. We can not only make recommendations for maintaining your foundation for years to come, but we can also ensure that your foundation is level and working properly.

Our foundation repair company is sure to collect all necessary permits to begin your commercial or residential project as well as communicating every step in our process. It is important to us that we explain what is happening with your home before making repairs, so you get the full picture of how to best care for your property.

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If you’re experiencing foundation issues in the Whitehouse, TX, area call Lone Star Foundation Repair for your FREE inspection.

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