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Foundation Repair & House Leveling in Bullard, TX

Every homeowner deserves to feel safe inside their home.

When the ground beneath your foundation weakens, it threatens your security.

  • Your house cracks and breaks
  • Your home’s value takes a nosedive
  • And your family feels unsafe

Lone Star Foundation Repair helps homeowners in Bullard, TX restore their home’s structure, their family’s safety, and their peace of mind.

If you need foundation repair in Bullard, TX, schedule a foundation inspection with a pro at Lone Star.

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Foundation Repair Services in Bullard

Why Do I have Foundation Problems?

It’s not your fault. It’s East Texas. We love this beautiful area of Texas as much as you do, but the soil that makes up the East Texas floor is red clay.

Red clay is highly malleable.

In heavy rain, it soaks up the moisture and expands. In a drought, it dries out and shrinks.

When that swelling and shrinking process happens under your house, it causes your foundation to move. Sometimes that movement leads to serious foundation problems that need to be fixed before permanently damaging your home.

So if you have any reason to suspect foundation problems, your best move is to schedule a free foundation inspection in Bullard, TX. Call a team member from Lone Star Foundation Repair today.

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Foundation Experts in Bullard

If your foundation has a problem, your home will become weaker every year you ignore it. The experts at Lone Star Foundation will give you a cost-effective solution and restore your confidence in your home.

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Pier And Beam House Leveling in Bullard, TX

The two primary types of foundations you’ll find in Bullard, TX are concrete slabs and pier and beam foundations. You can distinguish between the two easily. If you have a crawl space, you have a pier and beam home. If you have a solid concrete block, it’s a slab.

Pier and beam foundations are usually more expensive up front, but they offer more support long term. Plus, pier and beam foundation repair service is typically more affordable than repairing a slab.

If you see cracks along your walls, dips in your floors, or cracks in a zig zag shape in your exterior brick grout, it’s time for a foundation inspection.

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Concrete Slab Foundation Repair in Bullard

Concrete slabs are more affordable to build during new construction. These slabs are sturdy and reliable, but because they are all one solid piece, anything that affects one area of the foundation affects the whole structure.

So if the soil has moved and shifted beneath your foundation, you may notice it in multiple places in your house. Concrete foundation problems will get worse and worse over time. Make sure you deal with them as soon as you notice them.

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House Leveling In Bullard

When your foundation becomes uneven by dropping down, it’s called foundation settlement. When it becomes unlevel by rising up (which is rare), it’s called foundation heave. House leveling and foundation level are often the perfect solutions to restoring balance in your home and keeping your family safe.

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3 Signs Of Foundation Problems

Diagonal Cracks On Interior Walls

The section in the wall where your windows and doors are located is one of the more vulnerable places in your house. Diagonal cracks just above the corner of the window or door may occur in the early stages of foundation problems.

Cracks in Exterior Brick Grout

Brick grout tends to be brittle, especially in older homes. But if you notice a gaping crack in the shape of stair steps moving up the grout, your foundation may be trying to tell you there’s a problem.

Doors Won’t Open Or Close

If the foundation shifts, it makes the rest of the house uneven. So your once perfectly square window and door frames may no longer be that way. If your windows and doors stick when you open and close them, call us.

Dips And Domes In Your Floors

If you notice soft spots, creaks, dips, or domes as you walk across your floor, your house’s foundation may be damaged. Call Lone Star Foundation Repair today to schedule an inspection.

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How Much Does Foundation Repair Cost in Bullard?

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Foundation issues cause anxiety. With Lone Star Foundation Repair in Bullard, TX, you can relax and make a simple phone call to schedule your foundation inspection.

Our foundation repair company provides free estimates, affordable house leveling costs, and a limited or lifetime warranty (depending on the service).

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