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Foundation Repair, House Leveling, Flint TX

Looking for a reputable foundation repair, house leveling, or slab repair company in Flint, Texas? Look no further than Lone Star Foundation Repair!

Foundation Repair Services in FLint

Maintaining Your Foundation in Flint

At Lone Star Foundation Repair, we understand the specific needs of Flint home and business owners when it comes to repairing and maintaining their structures’ foundations. If you’ve noticed cracks, dips, domes, or moisture in your floors and walls, windows or doors that are difficult to open or close, or other issues in your Flint home or business’s structural integrity, we’ve got the solution.

Foundation Experts in Flint

As a team of professional foundation repair experts, we understand the reasons for the changes in your foundation and exactly what needs to be done. Resulting from the unique clay composition of the East Texas soil, Flint foundation damage and shifts arise after the seasonal swelling and shrinking caused by wet and dry periods. But with the team at Lone Star Foundation Repair at your side, we can restore your foundation and keep you sturdy and level far into the future.

Lone Star Foundation Repair


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Offering foundation repair, house leveling, slab repair, foundation leveling, and pier and beam services in Flint Texas. If you're having foundation problems in the Flint area, contact Lone Star Foundation Repair.

How Much Does Foundation Repair Cost in the Flint Area?

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