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Foundation Repair, House Leveling, Sulphur Springs TX

Foundation problems cause anxiety and frustration for you and your family.

Have you walked around your house and noticed any of the following:

  • Cracks in your foundation
  • Window and door frames separating from the wall
  • Sizable dips or domes in your floors

It looks like the beginning stages of a house collapse.

Relax. You can save your home and protect your family by scheduling a free home inspection with Lone Star Foundation Repair.

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Foundation Repair Services in Sulphur Springs

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Foundation problems are pretty common in Sulphur Springs.

Sulphur Springs, along with the rest of East Texas, has an abundance of clay in the soil. This clay swells and shrinks throughout the year, creating unstable slab and pier and beam foundations for many homes and businesses.

A soil shift of more than 9 inches can occur below your floors, which causes big problems for your foundation and overall structure.

You may notice your windows and doors no longer operating correctly. Other signs of a damaged or weakened foundation include cracks, dips, domes, and moisture buildup in your floors and walls.

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Local Foundation Experts

Foundation issues worry many homeowners... and knowing who to trust to fix them often increases anxiety. That’s why Lone Star Foundation Repair offers top-notch foundation repair in Sulphur Springs, TX you can count on.

When you hire a foundation expert at Lone Star to fix your foundation, you’ll have confidence that your house is sturdy and safe for many years to come.

As professional foundation experts in Sulphur Springs, our mission is to give you peace of mind that your home or business rests on a durable, solid foundation.

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Lone Star Foundation Repair


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We offer the following foundation repair services:

Slab Foundation Repair

Concrete slabs are just what they sound like — a foundation made from a big block of concrete. Slabs are easier to construct and more affordable than pier and beam foundations, making them a popular choice for East Texans.

Because a concrete slab is one solid block, it can become unstable and crack if the soil shifts beneath the foundation. If you discover cracks in your slab foundation, do not panic. You can almost always fix these problems and restore peace in your home by working with a slab repair company in Sulphur Springs, TX.

If a concrete slab supports your house and foundation repair is needed, call Lone Star to schedule a free foundation inspection.

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Pier & Beam Foundation Repair

If your house has a crawl space, you likely own a home supported by a pier and beam foundation. Pier and beam foundations can shift and require repair as the ground beneath them expands and contracts.

If you need to protect your pier and beam house, call Lone Star today and schedule an inspection. Speak to one of our professionals so you can make an informed decision about whether or not pier and beam leveling in Sulphur Springs, TX will work for you.

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House Leveling

When the soil under your foundation shifts significantly and permanently, house leveling may be the only way to ensure your home is safe again.

When soil permanently shrinks and causes a portion of your foundation to hang, it’s called foundation settlement. The soil can also permanently swell in rare cases, lifting part of the foundation up too high. This upheaval is called foundation heave. If either of these problems occurs, you need foundation leveling.

If you have any reason to believe your home or family is at risk from foundational issues, call Lone Star.

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3 signs your home’s foundation is in trouble

Doors and windows catching

If your doors and windows get caught when you open and close them, it may not be a sign of age. It could indicate foundation problems.

Door and window frames separating or cracking

Is the gap between your door frame and adjacent wall slowly growing? You can usually blame your foundation.

Brick grout or concrete slab cracking

Have you noticed a stair-step patterned crack moving along the grout in your brick walls? Have you discovered visible cracks along your concrete slab? You need to call a local home foundation repair expert.

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Worried about your home?

Relax. You can significantly reduce or eliminate all of these problems by scheduling an inspection with Lone Star Foundation Repair.

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How Much Does Foundation Repair Cost in the Sulphur Springs Area?

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Daniel Roden is the founder and owner of Lone Star Foundation Repair. Daniel worked as a project manager for the largest foundation repair company in Texas for nearly a decade before opening his own company in East Texas in 2016.

Daniel and his team are committed to providing honest quotes and never selling you any service you don’t need. Our goal is always to treat our customers’ homes and commercial properties like our own.

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