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House Leveling & Foundation Repair in San Augustine, TX

You might have foundation issues if you see cracks in your walls or doors that won't close. Don’t wait for these issues to get worse.

Keep your home stable with Lone Star Foundation Repair. Our foundation repair company serving San Augustine, TX, offers all types of foundation repair services like slab repair, pier and beam repair, and house leveling.

Contact our foundation repairmen today because fixing foundation issues early keeps your home safe for years to come.

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Our Foundation Repair Services in San Augustine

Concrete Slab Foundation Repair for San Augustine, TX

Concrete slab foundations crack easily. This is usually due to weather, shifting soil, and everyday wear. Keep an eye on yours to catch cracks early. If you spot any, call Lone Star Foundation Repair right away.

Pier and Beam Foundation Repair for San Augustine, TX

Your pier and beam foundation is crucial for your home's stability. If you suspect any issues, reach out to our foundation repair company serving San Augustine, TX. We restore your home’s stability by fixing issues like settlement, moisture damage, and structural instability.

House Leveling for San Augustine, TX

If you notice your home has creaky stairs, sloping floors, or plumbing troubles, it might be time to consider house leveling services. Reach out to Lone Star Foundation Repair serving San Augustine, TX. We’re here to help restore your home to its original state.

If you’re worried about your home’s foundation, reach out to our foundation repair company near San Augustine. For our foundation repair services, we offer a 0% financing option for up to 12 months.

How Much Does Foundation Repair Cost in the San Augustine Area?

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How To Avoid Foundation Damage

  • Maintain Proper Drainage: Make sure water drains away from your home to prevent soil erosion around the foundation.
  • Fix Leaks Quickly: Fix plumbing leaks quickly to avoid excess moisture near your foundation.
  • Watch Trees: Plant trees and shrubs a safe distance from your home to prevent roots from damaging the foundation.
  • Control Soil Moisture: Use soaker hoses and moisture barriers to manage soil moisture levels and minimize soil movement.
  • Check for Signs: Regularly inspect your home for cracks, uneven floors, or doors/windows that stick. These could be signs of foundation issues.
  • Get Professional Advice: If you're concerned about your foundation, have our foundation professionals assess it.

Foundation Repair For San Augustine, TX, And Surrounding Areas

Lone Star Foundation Repair proudly serves San Augustine, TX, and surrounding East Texas cities including:

Trust us for foundation repairs that keep your home strong for years to come.

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