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House Leveling and Foundation Repair in Diboll, TX

Protect Your Home from the Bottom Up

Foundation issues can be devastating to your home if not remedied quickly. What’s now a small crack can be a sign of bigger issues to come.

The foundation repair pros at Lone Star Foundation Repair are here to help you catch foundation issues early - before they become major financial problems.

We’re here to help you understand your home’s foundation and why these problems are happening, giving you peace of mind throughout the process.

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Our Foundation Repair Services Include

What’s Causing My Foundation Issues?

Usually, the culprit of your foundation issues is expansive red clay. Most homes in this region are built on red clay that changes its shape and location based on the amount of moisture.

In heavy rainfalls, expansive clay absorbs the water and expands. When the dry season hits, that clay contracts.

The process of expansion and contraction - over the years - will cause your home’s foundation to shift. In some cases, it causes extreme shifts that must be fixed immediately.

If you have concerns about how your home’s foundation is sitting, contact the pros at Lone Star Foundation Repair for a free foundation inspection on your Diboll, TX, home.

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Foundation Pros in Diboll

The longer you ignore a foundation issue, the bigger of a problem it becomes.

The sooner you call Lone Star Foundation Repair, the more money you may be able to save.

If you wait too long, small problems become massive repair bills.

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Pier And Beam House Leveling in Diboll, TX

Homes are either on pier and beam foundations or slab foundations. If you can crawl under your home, it’s on a pier and beam.

Pier and beam foundations - generally found on older homes - tend to be simpler and more affordable to repair than slab foundations.

If you notice wall cracks or uneven floors, contact Lone Star Foundation Repair for a free foundation assessment.

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Concrete Slab Foundation Repair in Diboll, TX

Concrete slabs save money during construction while offering a stable and reliable foundation.

The only downside to these is that issues in any part of the foundation can affect the entire structure since it’s one piece.

If the soil under your home expands and contracts, it can cause your slab foundation to move.

Contact Lone Star Foundation Repair if you see any issues in your home, such as cracks in your interior walls or exterior bricks.

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House Leveling In Diboll, TX

If your foundation rises unevenly, you may need to level your home. Though this is an uncommon problem, it is a serious one.

Leveling your home can ensure the stability of your house’s foundation and improve the overall safety of your family home.

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3 Indicators of Foundation Problems

Angled Cracks on Your Home’s Interior Walls

The walls nearest your windows and doors are susceptible to cracking and other damage if your home’s foundation shifts.

Difficulty Opening or Closing Your Doors and Windows

If your windows and doors are now difficult to open and close, it could be because of a foundational issue. Call Lone Star Foundation Repair today for a free foundation inspection.

Sagging or Uneven Floors

When your foundation is damaged, your floors often have low spots or soft spots. If your floors become uneven, it’s time to call Lone Star Foundation Repair.

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Foundation issues need to be addressed quickly and taken seriously.

However, the earlier you catch them, the easier - and cheaper - it is to fix them.

Lone Star Foundation Repair will offer you a free foundation inspection to determine the state of your home’s foundation and what repairs - if any - are needed.

We’ll explain your options to you to ensure you feel confident in the decision you’re making.

Contact us today to resolve your home’s foundational issues.

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