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House Leveling & Foundation Repair In Marshall, TX

It’s not every day that you have to hire a foundation contractor, and it can be hard to know what to look for if this isn’t your area of expertise.

Here are a few key attributes to look for in a foundation repair company:

  • Check out their credentials and years of experience
  • Pay attention to customer reviews
  • Investigate their financing or payment plan options

At Lone Star Foundation Repair, our experienced team is highly recommended by our happy customers in East Texas. Your customer satisfaction is our top priority.

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Foundation Repair Services

Reliable Foundation Repair From A Company You Can Trust

Your home is likely your greatest investment. It’s important to protect it by choosing contractors and repair teams carefully. Steer clear of any foundation repair company that is reluctant to provide references or adjusts pricing every time you talk.

One of the pillars of our business at Lone Star Foundation Repair is honesty. An East Texas business won’t last without positive word of mouth in the community. If we don’t see the need for foundation repair, we won’t try to sell you a service, and there is never a charge for your inspection.

We always try to bring clarity to the process by explaining every option to repair your foundation and the associated cost so you can make the best decision.

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Foundation Repair Service Experts Near Marshall

Foundation repair is a highly technical service. Not only is the construction of your foundation important, but the soil surrounding it is also a factor in the way we complete a repair project. Our team is equipped to recommend the most effective course of action to repair concrete slab foundations or pier and beam foundations.

Pier And Beam House Leveling in Marshall, TX

Pier and beam foundations are built by installing rebar and concrete piers deep into the ground until they reach bedrock. The house itself sits on wooden shafts on top of the concrete beam, creating a crawl space under the home. Homeowners have to be cautious about standing water under the house, as it can cause wood rot or warp floor joists.

While concrete slabs are easy to pour and typically cheaper to install, pier and beam foundation repair costs tend to be lower over the years. Slabs require more maintenance, while pier and beam foundations can last up to 75 years with proper care and maintenance.

Concrete Slab Foundation Repair in Marshall

Concrete slab foundations are ideal for homes being built on flat lots. This is a popular choice in East Texas because it is cheaper up front, and they can be poured very quickly so the builder can move on with the construction process.

Concrete is easy to crack with changing temperatures and pressure from gravity over time. For that reason, you’ll probably need to hire a professional concrete contractor at some point to repair or relevel your concrete slab.

House Leveling In Marshall

All houses will begin to settle, even new houses. Issues begin when your house isn’t settling evenly, and different sections of your home are sinking at various rates.

House leveling is a process that lifts the entire home and resets it to its original positioning. This is a big undertaking and there are a variety of ways your home can be raised for the leveling process. Call our team at Lone Star Foundation Repair for an expert recommendation.

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4 Signs You Need Home Leveling

Stuck Windows

If the framing of your windows become distorted and it’s difficult to open them, close them, or lock them properly, your home’s foundation may be shifting.

Sloping Floors

If your floors are noticeably slanting or you see floor joists that are buckling and warped, you definitely have an unsettled foundation or roots growing beneath the foundation of your home.

Wall & Ceiling Cracks

Usually the first indicator that homeowners notice are cracks in a concrete driveway, walls or ceilings of a home. These are clear signs that your home is sinking unevenly.

Leaning Chimney

You might guess that a leaning chimney means you need a new roof, but it actually indicates that is sagging or buckling down below your home’s foundation.

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Financing Your Foundation Service in Marshall

With 0 interest financing for up to 12 months, it’s easier than ever to take care of foundation issues. Flexible, long-term payment plans are available, or you can opt for a plan without monthly payments. We will work with you to take care of your foundation needs and stay within your budget. You can be approved for financing on-site in as little as 5 minutes.

If you have noticed any hints that your home needs leveling or foundation repair, contact Lone Star Foundation Repair in the Marshall area for a free estimate.

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For quality house leveling or foundation repair in the Marshall area, contact Lone Star Foundation Repair.

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