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Expert Home Leveling & Foundation Repair Services in Kaufman, TX

A stable foundation is crucial for your peace of mind.

If you notice any signs of foundation issues, such as persistent plumbing problems, wall or ceiling cracks, sloping floors, slanted chimneys, or mold and mildew, contact our professional foundation repair contractors right away.

Delaying repairs could result in pricy repercussions. Schedule your free foundation inspection and regain a home safe for your family.

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Our Foundation Repair Services Include

Commercial Foundation Repair in Kaufman

Lone Star Foundation Repair also offers commercial foundation repair services for business owners in the area handling projects of any size.

We can assess the foundation of your school, church, medical facility, university, shopping center, multi-family structure, small business, and more.

Benefit from our 0% interest financing for up to 12 months and resolve your foundation issues without stress. Contact us for a free foundation inspection today.

Understanding Kaufman's Weather and Its Impact on Your Foundation

Our expertise in East Texas soil makes us the top foundation repair company in Kaufman. We recognize the region's fluctuating weather conditions and their effects on your home's foundation. Texas foundations are prone to cracking with expansive clay soil and extreme temperatures.

Additionally, water can cause shifting or seep into floor joists and wood beams, leading to deterioration during rainy months. Our Lone Star Foundation Repair technicians are well-equipped to prepare your foundation for East Texas soil conditions.

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Your Trusted Foundation Repair Experts in Kaufman

Our commitment to attentive, responsive, and professional customer service sets us apart. We can tackle any challenge with experience in various residential and commercial foundations.

We offer home leveling and foundation repair throughout East Texas.

Pier and Beam Foundation Repair in Kaufman, TX

Pier and beam foundations create a crawl space under your home, and use wood, concrete, or steel piers to connect your home's foundation to the bedrock below. These foundations can last up to 75 years with proper installation and maintenance.

Let us resolve your foundation issues to ensure your home's longevity for decades.

Concrete Slab Foundation Repair in Kaufman

While initially more affordable than pier and beam foundations, concrete slabs can be more challenging to maintain. Cracks eventually develop due to gravity, weather, soil erosion, and stress. Hiring an expert to repair your concrete slab foundation is crucial for maximizing its durability and lifespan, saving you time and money in the long run.

House Leveling in Kaufman

Permanent ground shifts require professional intervention to maintain your home's structural integrity. Slanted chimneys, sloping floors, and plumbing issues all indicate a need for a professional foundation inspection. Our skilled technicians can restore your home to its original position and prevent further costly damage.

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4 Tips for Maintaining Your Concrete Slab Foundation

Consistent Moisture

Maintaining consistent moisture levels around your foundation is essential. Installing a sprinkler system about 5 feet from the foundation can help ensure that the soil remains neither too dry nor too wet. This prevents soil expansion and contraction, which could lead to foundation issues.

Proper Drainage

Implementing an effective drainage system is vital in protecting your foundation. Install gutters and downspouts that direct water away from your home, and if possible, slope your landscaping to encourage water runoff away from the foundation. This will help prevent soil erosion and reduce the risk of water-related foundation damage.

Thoughtful Landscaping

Be cautious when planting trees or large shrubs close to your foundation, as their roots can extend beneath the concrete slab or wrap around pier and beam foundations, causing damage. On the other hand, smaller shrubs and plants can help retain moisture in the soil and provide some protection for the foundation.

Regular Inspections and Repairs

Schedule routine foundation inspections to detect early signs of damage or wear. Addressing minor issues promptly can prevent more extensive and costly repairs in the future. Keep an eye out for cracks or other signs of distress in your concrete slab, and consult a professional if you suspect any problems.

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Choose Lone Star Foundation Repair in Kaufman

Long-lasting foundation repair calls for a proficient team, open communication, and exceptional workmanship. At Lone Star Foundation Repair, we have confidence in our team of experienced technicians.

Honesty is a fundamental principle of our business, and we promise never to propose unneeded services. Our objective is to provide transparent communication, enabling you to understand your home's condition and make informed decisions for your property.

By using premium materials and skilled experts, we guarantee each project delivers the highest level of quality.

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We offer 0% financing for up to 12 months on quality slab repair, house leveling, and pier and beam repair in Kaufman, Texas. If you've noticed foundation problems in the Rusk area, contact Lone Star Foundation Repair.

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