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House Leveling and Foundation Repair in Van, TX

Keep Your Home On A Firm Foundation

Lone Star Foundation Repair has provided foundation repair services in the Van area since 2016. Foundation problems like cracks in a slab or pier and beam foundation can devastate your home or business and be costly to fix.

That’s why the foundation repairs specialists at Lone Star Foundation Repair have dedicated themselves to providing honest, transparent, high-quality house leveling and slab repair services in Van.

We are always happy to explain the problem and help you understand the process before we start our job. Our goal is to give you peace of mind from start to finish.

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Our Foundation Repair Services Include

Why Do I Have Foundation Problems?

We all love this beautiful region of Texas, but the soil here consists of red clay that is highly susceptible to changes in moisture.

During heavy rainfall, it absorbs the water and expands, while during droughts, it dries out and contracts.

The expansion and contraction beneath your house can cause your foundation to shift. In some cases, this movement can result in significant foundation issues that need to be addressed before causing permanent and costly damage to your home.

If you have any concerns about potential foundation problems, go ahead and schedule a free foundation inspection in Van, TX, with our team from Lone Star Foundation Repair today.

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Foundation Experts in Van

If your foundation has a problem, your home will become weaker every year you ignore it. The experts at Lone Star Foundation will give you a cost-effective solution and restore your home.

Schedule your inspection today.

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Pier And Beam House Leveling in Van, TX

There are two main types of foundations in our area: concrete slabs and pier and beams. If you have a crawl space, your home is a pier and beam home, while a solid concrete block represents a slab.

Although pier and beam foundations are more expensive initially, they provide better long-term support and are usually more affordable to repair than slab foundations.

Signs that you need a foundation inspection include wall cracks, uneven floors, and zig-zag cracks in your exterior brick grout.

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Concrete Slab Foundation Repair in Van

Concrete slab foundations are cost-effective during new construction and offer stability and reliability. However, since they are a single solid piece, any issue that impacts one part of the foundation can affect the entire structure.

If soil movement occurs beneath the foundation, its effects may be visible in various areas of your home. Address your foundation issues before they get worse.

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House Leveling In Van

Foundation settlement refers to a foundation that becomes uneven by sinking, while foundation heaves, though rare, are when a foundation rises unevenly.

House leveling and foundation leveling are frequently the ideal remedies for a solid, level home while ensuring your family's safety.

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4 Indicators of Foundation Issues

Angled Cracks on Interior Walls

Wall sections surrounding windows and doors are often vulnerable to damage. Early-stage foundation problems may cause diagonal cracks above the window or door corners.

Cracks in External Brick Mortar

Brick mortar can be fragile, particularly in older homes. If you see a large stair-step crack in the mortar, it could signal a foundation issue.

Doors and Windows Sticking

A shifting foundation can lead to an uneven house, causing once perfectly aligned window and door frames to become misaligned. If your doors or windows are difficult to open or close, it's time to call us.

Uneven or Sagging Floors

Soft spots, creaks, or uneven floor areas could indicate foundation damage. Contact Lone Star Foundation Repair to schedule an inspection.

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Choose Lone Star Foundation Repair

Dependable foundation repair requires a skilled crew, clear communication, and outstanding craftsmanship. At Lone Star Foundation Repair, we take pride in our team of seasoned professionals.

Integrity is at the core of our operations, ensuring we never recommend unnecessary services. We aim to offer transparent communication, empowering you to comprehend your home's state and make well-informed choices for your property.

We assure top-quality outcomes by utilizing first-rate materials and employing experienced specialists in every project.

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We offer 0% financing for up to 12 months on quality slab repair, house leveling, and pier and beam repair in Van, TX. If you've noticed foundation problems in the Van area, contact Lone Star Foundation Repair.

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