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Foundation Repair & House Leveling in Athens TX

Lone Star Foundation Repair provides reliable, affordable foundation repair services. If you’ve been seeing cracks around your home, don’t wait until it’s too late. Contact us today for a free inspection.

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Foundation Repair Services in Athens

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The Athens Foundation Repair & House Leveling Company You Can Trust

Foundation problems are intimidating and scary. An unchecked, untreated foundation issue can quite literally tear your house apart. A damaged foundation puts your family and your investment at risk. As the foundation continues to move, the damage will only get worse. That’s why it pays to have your foundation inspected regularly.

Lone Star Foundation Repair understands the stress and confusion a damaged foundation causes. That’s why we don’t just provide high-quality pier & beam and slab repair in Athens, TX. We do so with a commitment to providing honest quotes and communicating about every step of the process.

Professional Foundation Service in Athens

For cost-efficient and professional house foundation repair in Athens, TX, contact Lone Star today. Through our years of experience in the house leveling, slab leveling, foundation repair, and pier and beam repair business in East Texas, we understand exactly what Athens residents and businesses face. Thanks to our prompt and expert foundation repair services in Athens, we can ensure your home or business is structurally sound.

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House Leveling & Pier And Beam Foundation Repair in Athens

If there’s a crawl space underneath your home, you probably live in a pier and beam house. Pier and beam homes don’t have a traditional slab but rest on concrete pillars. While they tend to be quite a bit sturdier and less prone to cracking than a slab foundation, they can still crack and shift.

Lone Star Foundation Repair has extensive experience with pier and beam foundation leveling and repairs. If you have a pier and beam house and need home foundation repair, we’ll be able to help. Simply contact us to schedule an inspection.

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Slab Concrete Foundation Repair in Athens

Concrete slab foundations are much more common in East Texas than pier and beam homes. They tend to be quite a bit cheaper, too. Unfortunately, the nature of the soil in East Texas means that slab foundations can crack if the ground moves. If the ground moves substantially, due to erosion for instance, then that crack could become severe.

Contact Lone Star Foundation Repair if you believe you need slab foundation repair. We’ll get someone to your home to inspect your foundation and help you understand the repairs that need to be done.

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House Leveling In Athens

If you’re starting to see doors that are beginning to stick or mortar that is separating, your home may need to be leveled. Home and foundation leveling will typically prevent bigger foundation problems and save you the stress, worry, and money of a complete foundation repair.

Lone Star Foundation Repair can help get and keep your home level. Contact us today to schedule an inspection before your foundation problems get even worse.

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Serving Athens, TX And Surrounding Areas

We provide Foundation Repair throughout Athens, Texas & Henderson County.

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  • Goodlow, TX
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  • Eustace, TX
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How Much Does Foundation Repair Cost in the Athens Area?

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Daniel Roden is the founder and owner of Lone Star Foundation Repair in Tyler. In Daniel’s hometown of San Antonio, he developed his skills for nearly a decade as a project manager for one of the largest foundation repair companies in Texas. After moving his family to Tyler in 2016, Daniel sensed a need in the East Texas community to open a foundation repair company founded on the principles of honesty, professionalism, and excellent customer service.

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