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News / When Should I Level My Foundation?

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Foundation leveling is a necessary step in maintaining a structurally sound home or business for the future. However, many homeowners and business owners in East Texas are unsure of when the time is right to call a qualified foundation leveling company. They may miss or ignore signs of damage to their foundation and as a result allow far more costly damage to occur over time.

Signs of Foundation Damage

Sometimes, noticing an unlevel foundation is as simple as walking from one corner of your structure to the other. If you feel like you are walking uphill or downhill, your foundation most likely needs leveling performed by a team of experts in East Texas foundation leveling.

However, the signs of a damaged or unlevel foundation may not always be so obvious. Instead, there may be cracks, domes, moisture pockets, doors and windows that no longer open properly, and more. While you may not notice such damage, a qualified East Texas foundation repair expert may before the problem ever takes hold of your structure.

Different Types of Foundation Leveling

When you notice your home is suffering from an unlevel foundation, it’s critical to understand what type of foundation you have and what needs to be done to return it to its properly leveled state.

Foundation Leveling for Concrete Slab Foundations

If your property is built atop a concrete slab foundation, Lone Star Foundation Repair may be able to install concrete piers, concrete pilings, steel pilings, and other methods of lifting and strengthening it. Concrete slabs are incredibly common for homes and businesses throughout East Texas, and often suffer from foundation issues because of the clay soils beneath them. These soils swell and shrink during rainy and dry seasons and can lead to a whole host of foundation repair issues.

Foundation Leveling for Pier & Beam Foundations

If your property is built atop a pier and beam foundation, Lone Star Foundation Repair knows what it takes to readjust your foundation to achieve optimal leveling. We often notice that pier and beam foundations suffer from a variety of problems related to damaged or poorly installed wood. By considering everything that affects your East Texas pier and beam foundation, we can install steel pilings, concrete pilings, shims, and more to return your structure to its proper level.

When you learn the foundation of your structure is no longer level, you may think you have plenty of time to have the issue fixed. After all, it’s lasted this long without the ceiling caving in on you – right? While it’s true that you may still have time to live and work in the structure and avoid catastrophe, the damage to the property will definitely add up over time. Your return-on-investment will be considerably lower, and the money you spend on leveling your foundation now will drastically reduce the costs you may have to pay in the future if the problem persists.

At Lone Star Foundation Repair, we use industry-leading technologies and techniques for ensuring your residential or commercial structure is appropriately level. Our highly trained foundation repair specialists have a keen eye for foundation issues and will alert you to any additional problems you may have so you will know ahead of time what’s needed to maintain a solid structure beneath your feet. Contact us today!

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