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News / Home Foundation Maintenance Tips for Fall 2019

Monday, September 30, 2019
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Fall is coming! That means the air in East Texas is finally getting cooler, the leaves are changing colors, and you’ll soon be checking off another year lived in your home.

Many homeowners choose the fall months as the perfect time to get around to performing those important home maintenance projects they had to put off during the summer heat – at Lone Star Foundation Repair, we’re here to help!

Here are some quick tips for ensuring your home’s foundation stays strong all the way into 2020!

Examine the Grade Surrounding Your Home

The grade around your home consists of the soil that’s pushed up against your foundation and preferably slopes downward away from it. However, if the grade around your home slopes toward your foundation, you may have a small problem.

A grade that slopes toward your home can lead to significant damage over time as excess moisture collects against, or under, your foundation. Every time it rains, the water that should run away from your house toward the gutters instead pools around the base of your home, eroding away at your foundation. If you notice such an issue with your home’s grade, you may want to add soil to the grade and contact the home foundation repair experts at Lone Star to make sure no further damage is done.

Seal Up Your Crawl Space

Many homes in East Texas, especially those built on pier and beam foundations, include a crawl space beneath their floors. This crawl space is used for airing out the underside of your home and preventing moisture buildup. During the colder months of the year, however, snow and water can cause damage due to their constant freezing and melting cycles as temperatures fluctuate week-to-week.

This is why it’s considered important by foundation repair professionals to seal up your home’s crawl space before the months get truly cold. Fall is the perfect time for this, especially ahead of any unexpected frosts. Close up your vents, doors, and any holes that lead underneath your house as soon as possible this fall!

Consider Foundation Maintenance and Repair

Damage to home foundations is often caused by shifting, shrinking or expanding soil. In the fall months, East Texas tends to stay moderately warm thanks to the lingering heat of summer – but not to the same extremes as the months of July and August. As a result, September, October, and November can be the best months of the year for reaching out to a foundation repair professional.

At Lone Star Foundation Repair, we can come out to your East Texas home this fall and examine the structure of your home for damage – or potential risks for damage in the future. Our team of expert foundation repair technicians can identify any cracks, weak spots, slopes, domes, or other issues in your foundation and advise you on the best solutions for your foundation issues.

For more information on how you can protect your home’s foundation this fall, contact the team at Lone Star Foundation Repair today!

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