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News / The Factors That Determine How Much Your Foundation Repairs Cost

Wednesday, May 04, 2022
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If your home has foundation problems, you’re probably wondering how much the repairs will cost–maybe you’re thinking you can get a good estimate if you just have enough information.

Unfortunately, each home–and its repair problems–are different. You should consult with an experienced foundation repair technician to get an estimate of exactly how much repairs cost.

There are, however, around 4 consistent factors that determine our pricing:

The Amount Of Damage

The first factor is pretty obvious. A foundation with a lot of damage will cost more to repair than a foundation that has less. On average, a cracked foundation can be repaired for less than $1000, for instance.

More severe damages can cost more. Foundation leaks are one the most expensive type of damage to repair. They require significant time and effort to repair, and also indicate that the drainage around your home isn't working well. Without fixing the drainage, you'll run into the same problem again.

The Repair Method

For a concrete slab, we either use concrete pressed piles or drilled piers. Concrete piles are more affordable, while drilled piers need more work and also cost a bit more.

There are a lot of reasons you may want (or need) drilled piers. For instance, the soil around your home may require the use of them. Your foundation repair professional will explain the repair method to you.

The Number Of Supports

The extent of the foundation damage will most likely determine the number of supports that your home needs to be level. If your entire home has to be leveled, it will cost more than if only a part of it needs to be fixed.

On average, a home will need 15 to 25 supports, and the cost per support will depend on the type you’re using.

Access To The Foundation

In order to place supports, we need to get to the place where they need to be. It can be difficult to access these spaces, and your foundation repair professional will need to dig or otherwise use man-hours to get there.

Things like sidewalks, driveways, porches, and trees near the foundation can all make it difficult to get the support where it is needed. Generally, we try to always take the easiest route to get there, but sometimes that isn’t possible.

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